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Fuck Yeah,Dave Hause!

It's pronounced like pause, or cause, damnit.

This is NOT Dave Hause,just some girl who appreciates him enough to run a Fuck yeah! in his honour!

June 24th     10:38 am

May 29th     2:05 pm


Dave Hause - God Bless the S.O.S. 
(The Explosion cover)

who’s gonna save you when it all comes down?
if there’s something you can do, then do it now
who’s gonna save you when it all comes down?
you better watch out,
you better watch out
god bless the S.O.S., oh yeah

March 21st     8:53 pm

March 12th     9:48 am

February 9th     11:33 am

This blog is now two years old and I’ve been away for too long! 

Photo from Dave’s Instagram.

February 9th     11:26 am

“ I think that if you play like your life depends on it, then your life can depend on it. ”

— Dave Hause (via sparkletasia)