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Fuck Yeah,Dave Hause!

It's pronounced like pause, or cause, damnit.

This is NOT Dave Hause,just some girl who appreciates him enough to run a Fuck yeah! in his honour!

September 3rd     7:46 pm

September 3rd     7:45 pm

Interview: Dave Hause



Back in the UK after playing festivals throughout Europe, Already Heard grabbed five minutes with Dave Hause to discuss his Leeds Festival experience. Hause also discussed his forthcoming plans including touring with Hot Water Music in the States, a full band UK tour and more.

AH: So how has your Leeds Festival experience been so far?
Dave: It was cool. It was early and it was raining a little bit in the tent which is always a challenge and people were a little sleepy still, but we really won them over by the end and made it a fun (and) memorable end to the tour. This is the last show of three weeks of festivals.

AH: How has the whole European festival tour been?
Dave: It’s been killer. It really exceeded all of my expectations. I didn’t know what to think. It’s just me and my brother playing shows. He was backing me up on sixty percent of the songs. It’s been really great. It was really run and the people were really warm and welcoming. We had some amazing shows. At alot of them we ended up on top of the crowd at the end singing with the people. It was a really successful set.

AH: What has been your favouirte country to play in?
Dave: Germany.

AH: What festivals have you been playing there?
Dave: I played Hurricane, Southside, Rocco del Schlacko, Open Flair and Taubertal.

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August 10th     7:19 pm

August 9th     10:38 pm


Dave Hause @ XPoNential Music Festival 2014 V on Flickr.

June 24th     10:38 am

May 29th     2:05 pm


Dave Hause - God Bless the S.O.S. 
(The Explosion cover)

who’s gonna save you when it all comes down?
if there’s something you can do, then do it now
who’s gonna save you when it all comes down?
you better watch out,
you better watch out
god bless the S.O.S., oh yeah

March 21st     8:53 pm

March 12th     9:48 am